Advantages Of A Sports Media Guide

A sports media guide includes everything from pro-sports to international matches, college and high school games, as well as PPV events, Internet-only streams, and more. is customized to your location and program providers, making it super easy for you and your staff to read.


Sports fans spend billions each year on tickets, teams, equipment, and media products. It is essential to deliver a valuable and high-value sports experience to customers by providing them with an easy-to-use, custom mobile app. This allows them to easily view games available in their area, at the moment of their choosing.

Sports Guide’s customizable user interface allows you to cater to the needs of your customers and increase loyalty. Using customized alerts that notify users of important game moments or news about their favorite team, you can keep sports enthusiasts constantly connected to your content and engaged with their passions.

It even works on your phone and tablet, so you and your staff can check out what’s showing anywhere, anytime. A link to your Guide will be sent to you daily via email, so that your team doesn’t have to remember another login.

Your custom Guide will also display listings for alternate content such as PPV, college and high-school games, and internet streams. All of this can be searched by team name. You can easily filter out channels you do not want to see. You can also set the date range that you are looking at to plan your staff schedule properly.

You can also print a version of the Guide that is easy to read for quick reference. You can keep it in the back of the bar, on the hostess counter, or wherever you change the television stations in your establishment. Then, guests can grab it when they enter. You can even embed your Guide on your website and promote it to attract a broader audience.

Easy To Read

Each year, millions of dollars are spent at sporting events and on sports teams. It’s a big business, but it can be difficult to keep up. You and your guests will be frustrated by clunky TV guides on screen or newspaper sports listings.

Sports Guide makes it easy to find games. You can highlight your favorite/preferred teams so they always appear at the top of the Guide or in bold, and you can choose to look at just tonight or a specific date range. Your Guide is also tailored to your location and program providers so that you only see the stations you are able to show.

You can view your customized Sports Guide on any device or browser, and even print it in an easy-to-read format. Stash it behind the bar, at your hostess stand or anywhere else you change your station lineup often. It will make it easier for your staff to respond to guests’ questions regarding what’s on when. They’ll thank you for it.

Works On All Devices

Sports Guide provides an easy to read format for guests to easily see their favorite teams on your TV. You can forget about stumbling through clunky guides on screen or flipping through newspaper.

They list all pro, college and high school games on your channels as well as any PPV or Internet-only streams that you may have access to. Filter out the channels you don’t want to see or type in a specific team for lightning fast reference. You can embed your Guide into your website or social media.

Users are able to create an account and choose teams or players they prefer to follow so content and notifications are better suited to their interests. From the app, users can share upcoming matches or scores with their friends. This allows them to have a personalized sports experience.

Customized Widget

A sports widget is an opportunity to showcase real-time content on your website. By providing visitors with up-to-the-minute updates, they are less likely to leave your site in frustration and are more likely to stick around longer.

One of the most popular widget applications is an integrated score ticker, which displays live game or match scores and status as data streams in from leagues and data partners in real time. This can help reduce bounce rates, boost visitor engagement, and enhance user-friendliness for all your users.

Sports Guide also offers public widgets that display specific information for each location, field/surface and schedule. Members can, for example, view full-season game schedules that include dates and times both for home and away games. They can also check the status of each field/surface to see if it is open or closed.

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