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A Quick Travel Guide to San Francisco and Surrounding Areas

Golden Gate Paradise

Any people who are not from California would be totally surprised on how the atmosphere is. The people are nice and very down to earth. This would be a must vacation for people who don’t like hot humid weather or cold, windy weather. Simply grab a light jacket or sweater on your way out the door. 

If you’re just staying in the city limits theirs many activities to keep you busy for days. For example you could grab a sample of Chocolate at Ghiradelli Square. If you really like it , go for a milkshake or an ice cream cone with one of your favorite flavor of Ghirardelli candy. After eating your treat go back into the gift shop and buy an assortment or variety bag of the chocolate for your sweetie.

Your clothing style is not big flashy brands like Gucci or Chanel don’t shop at Union Square, but at Fisherman’s Wharf. Anybody in your family or friends that love gifts or cute little key chains should go to Chinatown.Only are they cheaper than airport gifts but they have reasonable prices. To get your “I Love San Franscio” shirt’s is located in almost every shop. But be careful don’t buy the first thing you see,following down the block is a cheaper price for the item. To help you a bit with pocket money, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

Shopping isn’t the only activity you can do there. Can even ride on the trolley or car cars for less than twenty dollars. Better than paying for parking (which averages twenty dollars a day). Another option you can do is take a tour of San Fran downtown and the Golden Gate Bridge(is less than thirty dollars per person) on a double decker tour bus London style!

Rather than sight seeing or shopping,you can also cruise on by to one of the first Harley Davidson Gift Stores. Either stop by to get informed by weird facts and objects. Head on by to Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum. Just next door is a Wax Museum (with a combo purchase of both museum for a good price) All located in Fisherman’s wharf.

Since I Stayed at only one hotel there, I will still highly recommend it to anyone. Named Nob Hill this place is a very cozy place. You have an interest in Victorian style places and a historical hotel. Built before the Great Earthquake but had major celebs like Mick Jagger.Offers include spa treatment and Continental breakfast.

If San Franscio doesn’t sound like the place for you, there’s near by cities just hours away from here. Sacramento the capital of California is a very surprisingly clean and vibrant city. Go through there very bright yellow bridge and be in an awe of amazement on how clean the city is. Places featured are the outdoor mall called Westfield Shopping Center and also Hard Rock Cafe. Go north out of San Fran travel about six to seven hours to the National Redwood Forest. Or if you rather go someplace a little warmer glide on through two hours to Santa Cruz. Which features a boardwalk, lovely beaches and an amusement park. North Central California tickled my fancy and hopefully it will yours.

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