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A Family Travel Guide to Hershey Pennsylvania

When you think of rich creamy chocolate what kind do you think of? Hershey’s right? You know the people who make like all the candy all over the world. From yummy crispy Kit Kat’s to fruity tutty skittles. Why not visit the town where it all started. Right in the heart of Hershey Pennsylvania. This town was founded by Mr. Chocolate himself Milton S.Hershey who lived from 1857 to October 1945.

There are many fun things to do in Hershey. One of the number one things to do is visit Hershey Park the towns amusement park and also Hershey’s Chocolate world. You can also visit the antique car museum, to go the Hershey Outlets or go to the spa at the Hershey Hotel founded by Mr.Hershey. And be sure to pack your favorite Tennis Rackets just in case you’d be up for some fun match ups.

In Hershey’s Chocolate World you will find many different things to do. You can buy all the Hershey clothes you want. There are probably around 10,000 different clothes to pick from. Another attraction in Chocolate World is The Really Big 3D show. This is a fun animated show that explains Mr.Hershey’s history and what he did for the town of Hershey. It also has great animations of all the our favorite kind of candies singing and dancing. Its a great show for the Family.

Another great thing to visit in Hershey is there fun amusement park called Hershey Park. This park has over ten different roller coasters including the newest addition which is the Fahrenheit which ascends 121 feet before plummeting down a 97-degree drop. They have all types of rides. A really great thing about the park is that your favorite Hershey’s Candies walk around and greet people. You can also get pictures done with them. The little kids love getting a picture with the milk chocolate Hershey’s Bar. There are many great rides and attractions at Hershey Park. It will not let you down.

A fun thing for both men and women to do if its raining or you just feel like getting pampered is to check out the Hershey Spa at Hotel Hershey. Here you can take a bath in a chocolate milk bath. The milk renews your skin and also softens it. Its a great experience. You can also get over 5 different things. The most expensive is cocoa massage for 80 minutes at $180. They use the finest of oils and its 100% calorie free! And to help you with the expenses that come with the trip, you could always play casino games on the go via ONCAPAN.

Now this one is a little geared toward men unless your into old classic cars. Then the antique auto museum will be a great place to visit. This tiny museum has over 90 displays of some of the oldest cars ever. This museum is fairly new it first opened in June of 2003. Its just a fun little stop to make.

Hershey Pennsylvania offers a lot to see and there is even more then what is in this article. A weekend here would be a fun time for a family looking for somewhere new to go. Everyone should have a little fun in there life right? Well then what are you waiting for. Check out Hershey Pennsylvania and all it has in store for you!

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