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Popular TV Shows that Didn’t Make Sense

These popular TV shows that didn’t make sense were ratings giants. They captivated American viewers for years. However, there were aspects about each of them that didn’t really jive – making their success even more surprising. These are fun to watch after some fun and thrilling sports betting games via ufabetเว็บตรงเว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุด.

The best advertisement for staying ashore on vacation, Gilligan’s Island was about the most unlikely people to be stranded on an island together. The characters included an actress, two wealthy socialites, a country girl, a professor and a skipper and his first mate. Fortunately, these individuals made the most of their circumstances by building huts, putting on plays and creating modern-day devices. Yet, they one thing they could never conquer (until their cancellation) was fixing the hole on their boat. Hmm? (See: Gilligan Island Fan Club)

Love is blind even when your wife is a witch. Advertising exec Darrin Stevens learned this lesson the hard way. After marrying Samantha, he discovered that she had magical powers. Consequently, this realization wasn’t the most unbelievable part of this 8-year broadcast. Surprisingly, Darrin regulated his wife to normalcy – banning all witchcraft. This devout husband only got to do things mortals dream of like traveling back in time after angering his relatives. (See:

Most people agree that Good Times was really about bad times in the ghetto. The Evans’ family (James, Florida, J.J., Michael, and Thelma) was always facing challenging situations. They had to overcome several hurdles: poverty, hypertension, child abuse, racial profiling and death. Fortunately, their ability to laugh through sorrow was this clan’s saving grace and the commercial draw of this sitcom. Viewers could find comfort and solace in viewing this TV show knowing that they weren’t the only ones embroiled in trouble. (See:

Based out of Manhattan, characters Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross revealed the intricacies of maintaining platonic and romantic relationships. These folks wanted what every human being desires: love, success, and companionship. What didn’t they want – neighbors, co-workers and other friends of a different race. Although only half of the Manhattan population is White, the makers of Friends waited nine years to add a bit of ‘color’ to this TV show. Comic Aisha Tyler made history by being the first black to be cast on Friends. (See:

These popular TV shows that didn’t make sense reveal how a skilled writer and producer can sell conflicting ideas to the public. They can entertain consumers with titles, environments and storylines that do not necessarily complement each other.

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